Jesse Estes’ Photo Dreams

Lately I’ve been hanging out at the Google+ social networking site; it’s sort of like Facebook for adults, with nary an adolescent to be seen (not that the sprouts can’t be amusing at times, he says condescendingly…).

One draw for me are the many fine photographers who display their work there. It’s humbling when I compare my efforts in that realm with the mind-blowing images these pros and gifted (and seemingly very solvent) amateurs manage to capture.

One of my favorite landscape photographers is Oregon native Jesse Estes. His ability to be in the right place at the right time is combined with a very discerning eye. Here are a couple of spectacular photos he brought back with him from Indonesia:

Looks like something from an opium dream or a fairy-tale, doesn’t it? Samuel Taylor Coleridge would be saying, “I think I’ve been there once!” if he happened to travel in time and saw that image.

Another one:

If you are so inclined you might want to visit Jesse’s gallery of photos:





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2 responses to “Jesse Estes’ Photo Dreams

  1. Evocative of Maxfield Parrish perhaps?

  2. The colors are very similar to those in Parrish’s paintings. I must confess that I wondered about how much processing Estes’ photos have had… but then again, I’ve never been to Indonesia!

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