Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

It’s a lazy Sunday. I’m in a bit of a daze from being up during the wee hours, driving on gravel roads two nights in a row. What year is this again? Should I be feeling happy or sad? I’ll get it all figured out eventually!

I have some pretty decent dawn photos from Saturday morning which need to be processed, along with writing some text to accompany them. Yawn! Maybe later… in the meantime here’s a brilliant bit of social commentary by comedian Louis CK, the heir apparent to George Carlin and Richard Pryor.

Maybe I’ll take a nap…




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2 responses to “Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

  1. Claire

    Have you started listening to WTF on NPR? It’s a series of interviews of comedians. I catch on either Sat. or Sun. The podcast of Louis CK was pretty wonderful.

  2. Haven’t heard of that one, Claire. Sounds good, though! I’ll see if the Quincy station carries it.

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