Garage Beetle

Yesterday afternoon the weather was truly splendid, one of those prime fall days which Nature cruelly gives us; I know we are being lulled into complacency before the dire Hammer of Winter falls!

My friend Jeff and I were over at the garden plot, cleaning up old plants and putting the garden to rest for the winter. There is an old garage on the property in which we store garden paraphernalia. Jeff and I were standing by the old structure, imbibing heavily caffeinated Mountain Dew from cans as we prepared to tackle the overgrown tomato vines. They had done their solanaceous thing and outlived their welcome.

I noticed a lone beetle slowly making its way up the wall of the garage, engaged in some inscrutable buggy business. I fetched my camera from the car and leaned as close to the insect as I could. The beetle tried to ignore this intrusion by an inconceivably monstrous denizen of a larger realm.

I liked this shot, which inadvertently included one of my finger tips which was helping to steady me as I focused:

The beetle was phlegmatic, but betrayed a slight sense of alarm by loosening its wing-covers, perhaps in preparation for a sudden departure, if such became necessary.

In this next shot notice how the focal plane intersects the body of the beetle in just two areas, the wing covers and one of the clawed front feet. I suspect that the insect is some sort of predatory beetle.

Notice also the orange color of the bug’s body revealed beneath the wing-coverts. Perhaps the bright color is intended to startle and dissuade predators?

I left the beetle alone; it heaved multiple sighs of relief through its spiracles as Jeff and I walked towards the garden.




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3 responses to “Garage Beetle

  1. Joan

    Entomologist Apologist

    Finding info is a pain.
    I have tried, alas, in vain,
    To find out the proper name
    Of this black beetle.

    I am certainly aware
    In some haystack it is there
    But I just don’t know quite where
    To find the needle.

    Total failure’s what I dread.
    Still, I’ve given up. Instead,
    I am curled up in my bed
    Position fetal.

  2. I spent some time at and I think the beetle might be a Ground Beetle (Platynus decentis), or a related species. It really bugs me when insects won’t even give you their name, rank, and serial number! Secretive little bastards…

  3. Joan

    They are secretive and they are evidently now wearing flack vests and gas masks as well. Tried to kill a couple of persistently whacky moths yesterday who would not quit dive bombing me. Used to be one shot of Raid would sent them spiraling down like a WWII fighter pilot. These moths, just did not get it. After several spot-on shots, I finally had to get out the fly swatter and smack ’em to death.
    So, it would seem, they have developed some pretty good immunity, which in turn makes one wonder how many dangerous super disease bugs are sluffing off our antibiotic sprays, hand lotions etc. (shudder)

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