A Little Owl Running

I was lurking among the many photographers who frequent the Google+ social networking site yesterday, freely offering comments on photos which impressed me. And tactfully ignoring the many which didn’t!

I happened across a wonderful photo of a Little Owl by British photographer Austin Thomas. He graciously gave me permission to reproduce a couple of his photos in exchange for attribution and a link to his site, which is here:

Austin Thomas photography

I admire the patience and persistence which are necessary to produce work of that caliber.

Here’s the photo which first attracted my attention:

I like the Latin name of that owl species: Athene noctua. “Athene” is a reference to the Greek goddess Athena, who reputedly had or has a special affection for that owl. The species isn’t native to Britain, but was introduced from the Continent in 1842. The owl has a strong resemblance to our local Screech Owl.

I also like this shot of an owl peeking around a corner at Thomas, who evidently is peeking through his camera’s lens:

I wouldn’t mind having eyes like that! Feathers, too, as long as I’m wishing for the unlikely! Wouldn’t the neighbors gossip!




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3 responses to “A Little Owl Running

  1. Joan

    Love this! Little owl skipping along all preoccupied with his owl thoughts. Much like a morning jogger. The peekaboo owl is terrific also. I wondered where he got his subjects. Not at a zoo, it would seem… Kenya was mentioned . Wow!

  2. Joan

    On second viewing that little owl in the top photo, whose feet barely touch the ground, could be Larry on his weekend deliveries. 🙂

    Rural Route Leaves Rambles Mute

    Monday through Thursday
    This blog is replete
    With stories and verses
    And everything neat.
    But on Friday it stalls.
    We know something’s amiss
    And the Friday through Saturday
    Doldrums persist.

    Cause that’s when the Whig
    Makes you dance a mean jig
    With a swing shift that zags
    When it really should zig.
    In the morning a paper,
    Another at night.
    A fact that makes
    Weekend delivery a fright.

    They say they are Whig
    But they seem much more Tory .
    They won’t even lend you
    A car or a lorry.
    They take a quick pass
    About paying for gas.
    If you mention expenses
    You’re out on your ass.

    When the driver gets home
    It is not yet a wrap
    Cause he barely has time then
    To hang up his cap
    And perhaps grab a snack
    And if lucky a nap,
    When ba-ring! The alarm
    Sounds again. Holy crap!

    Now the nighttime delivery
    Is calling to him
    When his vigor is totally
    Fresh out of vim.
    But when he gets back
    From wherever he’s been
    Then Sunday’s the only
    Good day to sleep in.

    Still, they’re perks with the job
    Which we all will soon see
    And in thinking about it
    I’m sure you’ll agree.
    Bright side of the dark side
    Appears Monday morn.
    With brand new dawn photos
    The blog is reborn.

  3. That’s about the size of it, Joan! I took some nice photos early Saturday morning (hmm… that was this morning, right?) and I might be able to muster a post this evening. This afternoon I will be seeding some green manure oats in part of the garden.

    Tame oats.

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