Susannah McCorkle

I’ve had this happen before, and it is always disturbing. I’ll discover an impressive musician or author, be blown away by the virtuosity of the artist’s work, then discover that suicide or illness has truncated yet another career.

Somehow, most likely via some ‘net link, I became aware of jazz singer Susannah McCorkle the other day. What a singer! You can hear echoes of Billie Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Canadian singer Diana Krall in her work. I was curious; how had I not heard of this woman before? I looked her up on Wikipedia and discovered that Susannah had committed suicide when she was just fifty-five years old. Evidently she had fought depression for many years.

A tragic loss, both for her family and friends and for connoisseurs of romantic jazz singing.

Here’s a good example of Susannah’s singing:

Another example; she’s singing one of my favorite Gershwin songs, giving it her all:

Luckily Susannah McCorkle left behind a large body of recorded work, a small recompense for a life cut short.




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3 responses to “Susannah McCorkle

  1. Joan

    Thank you, Larry, for the introduction to Susannah McCorkle. Here’s one of my absolute favorite artists who died too young: Eva Cassidy. This is the Nightline bio, but there are gazillions of utubes of her if you fancy listening to others. I love “Fields of Gold” and “People Get Ready” but there are so many others it’s hard to choose. I have her CD. I only own about 5 or 6 music CD’s that are not classical..

  2. I hesitate to use Christian metaphors, but this one fits Eva’s singing: the voice of an angel!

    Thanks, Joan — just what I needed, another prematurely closed singing career to contemplate! 🙂

  3. Joan

    Don’t mention it, Larry. (grin) Well, at least she is so popular you won’t have to buy her disk. I think everything she ever did is on UTUBE or the like.

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