One of the unwritten and uncompiled rules of the internet:

Nothing cool stays unknown for very long.

In other words, cream rises. Many hands (on keyboards) make short work.

Phil Plait, the proprietor of the blog Bad Astronomy, without even knowing it, turned me on to an interesting short fiction site:


Cool terse fiction! Check out the site. It’s like fiction haiku. I may try my hand…




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2 responses to “Ficly

  1. bev

    Just checked out Ficly. Cool!
    If you have not seen it yet, you might enjoy Fictionaut, which has been around for awhile. I’ a member of the site, but have not contributed anything as yet. However, I have browsed through some of the short fiction posted there and found some awesome stuff, much of it no longer than a page.

  2. I’ll take a look at Fictionaut, Bev. Gotta leave now, though!

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