A preacher with whom I’ve played music posted a link to this music video on Facebook. I hadn’t heard the song in a long time; it took me back to those heady days during the late 1960s, when to at least this adolescent it seemed that the heady ferment might bode well for the human race.

The world of pop music radio was so different back then. A wide variety of genres mixed and jostled for space on the airwaves. Even instrumental tunes could have their moments in the broadcast sun! It’s hard to imagine a song like this one by Zager and Evans rising to the top on current pop radio stations, with the programming now controlled by remote corporate interests and few local dee-jays still active.

I thought this lyric in the song was prescient:

“In The Year 9595, I’m kinda wonderin if man is gonna be alive,
He’s taken everything this old Earth can give,
And he ain’t put back nothing…”

Of course there will always be loyal devotees of human ingenuity to say, “We’re so smart — we’ll figure something out!”

Fat chance!

Larry, in a dour mood…


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  1. bev

    Funny, but when I was a teenager, I really liked that song a lot. I am just heading out the door so can’t listen to it right now, but I recall it as having something wistful about it – probably some minor chords which generally appeal to the wistful side of my nature.

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