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  1. bev

    Little packs of dogs can manage to get into quite a good deal of trouble. I have found similar motley packs in a chicken run and found them chasing my dairy goats back in the day. Always bothers me to see such a thing as some farmers are quick to pick up the .22 and start shooting. Some of the packs have such small dogs that you would wonder that they could get into much trouble, but they do. Let’s hope all of them have their rabies vaccinations up to date!

  2. Many farmers don’t bother with vaccinations. So a few go mad and die; there are always more being born! Same way with barn cats. it’s a shame, really, as feral dogs and cats do quite a bit of damage to remnant populations of native species, not to mention the depredations on chickens, goats, etc!

  3. bev

    Yes, you are right. It is a bad thing. Up north in many parts of Canada, the Ministry of Natural Resources drops rabies vaccine bait in areas (aerial scattering) where there is much risk of rabbies. They also employ people to trap and vaccinate wild animals each year. One of my neighbours sons who was studying biology at university had a contract to do so for two summers). A lot of the counties run free rabies vaccination clinics to encourage farmers to bring in their cats and dogs for vaccination. But you know, we are a big bad socialist country, so we don’t actually know what we are doing.

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