I’m Not Tired, But I Like This!

I heard on NPR the other day that the increasingly marginalized and irrelevant Major Labels are planning to quit manufacturing CDs. It’s high time! Oh, I’ll still use and listen to CDs, but I won’t be sad to see them follow the path cut through the audio wilderness by 78 RPM recordings. The fragile plastic “jewel cases” were and are a design failure. Drop one and you are fucked.

Here’s an example of the trend from my own listening experience, something that happened to me this morning.

I was engaged in a discussion on Google+ with a French woman — we were talking about Brian Greene’s alternate world theories.

I more-or-less brought the discussion to a close with a bit of fanciful humor; a bit later that same woman had embedded a Youtubular video of a song from the Beatles wonderful LP set, the White Album. I hadn’t heard the song for a while. I last owned an Official Copy of the White Album perhaps twenty years ago. What a masterful song! Wasn’t John Lennon a great singer and song-writer? Take a listen to “I’m So Tired”:

In effect I’m allowing Google, owner of Youtube, to store a copy of that song on their servers. Less clutter for me, and in exchange Google gets to show me a few unobtrusive ads. A fair deal, I think!




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3 responses to “I’m Not Tired, But I Like This!

  1. Joan

    I’m just going to dig out my old White Album. I wonder if the name still applies when it’s covered with dust.

  2. bev

    Being nomadic, I like anything that floats along in the internet clouds rather than depending on me to try to drag it around.
    I don’t listen to CDs or other media too much, but do look up tunes on Youtube, especially when I would like to learn to play and sing some song. The nice thing is that I can listen to various versions of a tune by several artists and it gives me ideas for how to play the song.

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