Flash Mob Dancing In Mumbai

It’s another internet sensation, and I got such a kick out of it. I hope you do too. Just watch:

A bit of explanation: I “know” a guy named Arvind Says who lives in Mumbai, India, with his wife Minal. He’s a friend of other friends — trace the connection far enough back and you would find some people I’ve actually met in the Real World — or at least one! Arvind posted the link to this video on Facebook.

I marveled and wondered as I watched this exuberant video. How did such an event happen? Who was responsible? The train station administrators evidently co-operated. Not a trace of arrogant cops with pepper-spray!

Arvind later posted a link to a Wall Street Journal piece which answers these questions:

Meet The Woman…

I enjoyed the reactions of the passers-by almost as much as I did the choreographed dancing. Just citizens on their way to catch a train or to meet someone at the station, and then this unexpected extravaganza happens!



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One response to “Flash Mob Dancing In Mumbai

  1. bev

    Interesting! I had seen the flash mob video, but wondered how it was coordinated. Comments I have read relevant to this event was that the station was the scene of a terrible massacre about three years ago. The flash mob dancing is now being seen as a sign of something positive – hope over terror.

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