Kokopelli Shows Up

This is an enhanced crop from a photo of a petroglyph in the desert Southwest, an ancient depiction of Kokopelli. It was recorded by Bev Wigney:

It was early Sunday morning and I was driving down a bumpy gravel road, way out in the boonies of Adams County, Illinois. I was feeling rather pensive, as financial woes have been weighing on my mind.

Oh, well, get the newspapers delivered, and maybe things will turn out well!

I heard a strange noise in the cab of the truck. It sounded like the calls of coyotes processed through some sort of digital filter, a very chilling sound. I noticed a disturbance in the air — an entity of some sort was gradually materializing in the truck, just over the pile of newspapers yet to be delivered!

I’ve become accustomed to such intrusions into my routine. A visitation was imminent, I figured.

This time it wasn’t a minor Greek deity, but a Southwestern American character, a creature I’d never met in person.

“Hi, Kokapelli! What brings you here, so far from your usual haunts?”

Oh, how strange — a figure with a hunched back, the effect produced by a backpack loaded with stuff I was curious about. His face looked rather canine, with a long snout and an expression of amusement.

“Oh, I was bored this morning, and I’d been hearing about you from some of the other minor deities.”

“You have the reputation of being a trickster, Kokapelli. Please don’t fuck around with me! I’m just trying to do my job and get home safely!”

The god-creature chuckled.

“Oh, don’t worry Larry, I’ll try to be civil! You’ve been the talk of the celestial community lately, and I’d get a kick out of talking with you without destroying you utterly, which of course I could do easily!”

“I’d certainly appreciate that boon! What’s that in your tunic pocket?”

“It’s a flute made from a Bald Eagle’s bone. I’ll play you a couple of tunes, if you would like.”

“Sure, play away!”

Coyote (one of his many names) played some plaintive music for me; the pentatonic tunes seemed to express the sorrows and regrets of the native folks who were displaced by the militarily-enforced advent of poor land-hungry Europeans back in the previous centuries.

“Nice playing, Kokapelli! Thousands of years of practice make perfect, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Hey, I need to take off — there are some new-born desert tortoises and lizards which need my blessing!”

Well, that encounter was ample material to occupy my mind while I drove home!




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2 responses to “Kokopelli Shows Up

  1. bev

    Another excellent piece in this deity series, Larry!

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