A Holiday Message For All 78 Of My Readers

78? Not many, but that’s what WordPress tells me. On a positive note, you can think of yourselves as the Chosen Few! The new Jews of the internet age!

I liked this inspirational video, brought to my attention by my Kirksville, MO friend Claire:




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4 responses to “A Holiday Message For All 78 Of My Readers

  1. Don’t trust those counters 🙂 You may have a lot more who come in, read quickly and go on.

  2. Joan

    I was a little confused by this video, due to the fact that the speaker sported a Hitler mustache. Who was he? Looked like Charlie Chaplain.
    I was also all ‘Yeah!” that’s what I believe, when suddenly these pictures of Clinton and Obama were presented as ‘dictators?’ I’d say by trusting the goodness of man/congress/republicans? too much, O, has become the anti-dictator who may sadly be replaced by someone far far worse. Germany got Hitler after the Wiemar Republic. (shudder) Who will we get?
    As long as Fox keeps on spewing double-speak, and people keep believing it, we are in for far far worse than we can now comprehend.
    Love for fellow man? What a joke.

  3. Joan waxes cynical! Cheer up, the political process is riddled with holes like a chunk of Swiss cheese, but unfortunately those holes weren’t created by kindly domesticated fungi. But let’s try not to think about that!

    Yeah, that’s Chaplin (not Chaplain, but maybe he should have been one!) in the video.

  4. Leslie

    Great video, Larry! I liked the images with the speech. I knew it was Charlie Chaplin, but now I’m wondering what movie it was from? I was thinking The Great Dictator, but that was a silent film, wasn’t it? Hmmm… Methinks a jaunt to IMDB is in order.

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