A Flash Mob Link From My Sister

Oh, I freely admit that I’m a godless curmudgeon, but I do like these recent flash mob gatherings celebrating the holiday spirit. At this time of the year, as the days are so short and the forces of darkness seem to be prevailing, all of us, other than the most evil and sociopathic, can use a bit of good cheer.

My youngest sister Leslie sent me a link to yet another flash mob gathering:

At The Carlson School Of Management

Such fun to watch! I like the reactions of people who just happened to be there as much as I like the music!




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2 responses to “A Flash Mob Link From My Sister

  1. Leslie

    I like the mall security guy ready to call in forces with his walkie talkie. Thanks for posting this Larry! I’d sure love to be surprised by one of these live but since I mostly shop online these days (free shipping – too tempting to avoid the lines) I guess its unlikely!

  2. Virginia

    Thanks for the fun and festive holiday music to brighten short gray days. It’s fun at the stores and coffee shops this time of year if you can go during the week when people are in good moods. I’m not so fond of the weekend crowds.

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