Big Changes

Well, my life in Quincy just ain’t working out. I love my job delivering newspapers to rural and small-town customers. I’ve made some friends out there in the boonies. I like seeing the seasonal changes in the same hundred miles of gravel and blacktop roads; I notice some new cool things every day! The pay is so small, though.

But the days are short now, and I have to drive back to Quincy every dark night on a winding blacktop road. It has become dangerous, as my night vision has declined with age. I nearly had a head-on collision this evening when an oncoming car with its bright lights on just dazzled me in a bad way.

This job will kill me this winter if I keep on. This wasn’t the first close call!

So… I’m quitting the job tomorrow morning. Without giving thirty day’s notice, according to my contract I lose any pay accrued to me during the past six days since I was last paid. Better that than die!

My good friend Bev, will put me up while I try to find work in southeast Arizona. So one of these days I’ll have to change the name of this blog to Desert Rambles! I’m really wanting to see the Sky Islands down there.



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