Darwin’s Library

I’m pretty fond of Charles Darwin and his works. As well as being a ground-breaking scientific theorist he was also an eloquent writer — (and don’t give me any of that “Evolution is just a theory!” crap! If you think in such a blinkered way you aren’t welcome here! So there!)

I recently happened across a web-site which makes available the contents of Darwin’s personal library in various formats. PDF files of the books are available for download. How incredibly cool! Here’s the site:

Darwin’s Library

Back in the old days, probably before many of you were born, I had a library card that enabled me, as a citizen of Missouri, to check out books from the Truman University Library in Kirksville, MO, proud home of osteopathy! I made good use of that library, and I was grateful to the state of Missouri for making it possible for autodidacts without any formal education to browse the stacks and check out books.




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7 responses to “Darwin’s Library

  1. Linda

    well shoot, guess I’m not welcome here! Of course evolution is a theory, absurd to think otherwise. Or were you there to observe the beginning…

  2. Ha! Of course you are welcome here, at least as long as you can stand it. Blood relationship trumps all political and religious differences. Just ask Mom and Dad!

    As a matter of fact, I was there, Linda, but I’ve sworn an oath not to talk about it…

  3. Linda

    A theory is based on hypothetical speculation which is all we can do when speculating on the origin of the universe. The fact that evolution is a theory has nothing to do with either religion or politics!

  4. Oh, calm down, my smart sis! It’s the holiday season — we don’t need to argue!

  5. Mark

    I have a theory that the sun will come up tomorrow. It is based on observations I’ve made over the course of my life and the fact that I can predict when it will rise. Theories about astronomy and physics pretty much explain most of what goes on in the physical world. Evolution has overwhelming evidence on it’s side, but if you want to state “it’s just a theory” thats ok. It’s not a lesser theory than any other, and I think it has a lot more validity than any other being proposed. There is no reputable scientist that will argue with the basic ideas of evolutionary theory. Whenever theology tries to intimidate science it always comes out looking bad. It is so sad that we keep revisiting the Scopes trial in this country. You’d think we were better than that.

  6. So Linda,respond to that! Thanks for the eloquent support, Mark.

  7. Linda

    Sure Larry! I appreciate Mark’s intellectual honesty in affirming that evolution can be called a theory. I got a biology degree in the 70s at Iowa State and my biology professors taught evolution well. Not one of them had any qualms about calling evolution a theory. I then enjoyed teaching evolution at a small college in Iowa and the professor I worked for was an avid proponent of evolution and believed it as fact. But he still had no problem with calling it a theory. Evolution is a truly elegant model of origins. I guess professors 30+ years later have become a bit more arrogant and call it fact more often. There are actually many gifted scientists who write fascinating articles on the problems being found with evolution when trying to make the theory fit new discoveries in the evolving fields of biochemistry and immunology. These scientists are reputable, some are evolutionists with open minds and some have other theories they’re interested in. Some of Darwin’s own quotes show him to be very honest in admitting that if certain things were discovered in the future he would have to rethink many things about his theory. Many things have come to light that would cause Darwin to rethink and I think he was intellectually honest enough that he would examine new data with an open mind.

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