The Dictionary Demon’s Reaction

This afternoon I was typing away, a habit I have, when I heard a scurrying sound coming from the vicinity of my computer’s power supply. The Dictionary Demon surged out of there and grew to his normal dimensions — he is about six feet tall, a big reptile indeed!

“Damn, Larry! I’ve been hibernating, but I had a dream in which Eos told me that you might be leaving!”

“Yeah, I’ll be driving south soon. Wanna come along?”

“Well, not really! I kind of like Quincy — lots of stray alley cats to eat and all.”

“I think you would like Arizona, demon. You wouldn’t have to hibernate, and I’ll bet you would develop a taste for Gila Monsters. And who would look up words for me if you didn’t come?”

“Wouldn’t me eating Gila Monsters be some sort of reptile cannibalism?”

“Oh, you might keep the scorpion population down instead.”

A reptilian demon with moral principles!

The demon had a furrowed brow, if you can imagine the sight.

“Well, okay, Larry. I’ll come with you. We all need a change from time to time.”



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One response to “The Dictionary Demon’s Reaction

  1. bev

    The Dictionary Demon is most welcome to all the scorpions he can catch! Looking forward to meeting him. Wonder how he’ll get along with Sage and Sabrina?

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