My sister Linda and I have been having a bit of a dispute about evolution. I was typing out a response to her, trying to calm troubled waters, when a Norse god suddenly appeared before me in my kitchen.

“Hi, Larry!”

The god had his hammer in his hand. A big hammer. I was just amazed.

“So what are you doing here?”, I asked.

“Just thought I would stop by for a visit. Eos told me you about you.”

“So what, do all of you gods just hang out together, all of you from different cultures?”

The god smiled at me.

“Yeah, there’s this little pub where we congregate. We chat and compare notes.”

“Well, that’s certainly cool to hear about! Is it okay if I write about this? Will I be accursed?”

“No, it would be fine if you post about this! Nobody believes your stories!



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2 responses to “Thor

  1. bev

    What you need to do is find out the location of this pub. As a kid, I was really in awe of Thor. Be cool to meet him sometime! (-:

  2. Linda

    just to clarify! I was not disputing evolution, did not offer any other ideas on origins. Am too smart to do that in this forum! I just stated that evolution is a theory, so funny that created a dispute. All my science training reinforces the idea of fitting available data into a workable theory, a hypothesis and since origins can never be directly observed, it’s the perfect example of a theory. I concur, evolution is a plausible theory for the origin of the universe. Larry must be easily ruffled! There is absolutely no reason to not call something like origins which can not be observed directly a theory. Evolution may be a very commonly understood and accepted model for origins, but theory it is!

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