An Interview With Matt, That WordPress Guy

Gosh, it was a long time ago when I first discovered the WordPress software. It was the spring of 2004. I had been writing for some time in a journal, but I thought it would be cool if friends and relatives could read my stuff.

A nice interview with Matt, who was largely responsible for creating that software, which changed my life:

An interview




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3 responses to “An Interview With Matt, That WordPress Guy

  1. bev

    The key is to have a tool you can adapt to your own use. At my State of the Word address last August, I talked about an analogous idea I borrowed from Kenya Hara, the art director of the Japanese retailer MUJI, which makes beautiful “brand-less” products. He gives this talk about Western versus Japanese knife design, which I think reflects our approach versus other social media platforms. He shows a German knife–it’s beautiful and ergonomic. When you look at it, you know exactly where you should put your thumb. He contrasts this with a Japanese knife, which is “empty” in the sense that like a bowl, it can be filled a million different ways. You can hold it in many different ways, and the knife in its simplicity can adapt to many different uses. We try to do the same with WordPress: it can be used for anything.

    I liked this paragraph very much. One of the things I love so much about wordpress is the adaptability to different end uses. I have used wordpress blogs to create a family history site, a place to store my architectural history research paper, found poetry, the nature blog, and the main blog I use to write about my travels. There is so much possibility and potential built into the software, and so many ways to tweak the themes. Always amazes me.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Bev! I need to get some sleep!

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