Christmas Eve

I’m sitting here thinking about the many Christmases I’ve seen come and go. It’s really kind of weird, when you think about the two parallel mythologies which seem to co-exist here. The pop-culture Christmas, full of tales about Santa Claus and his reindeer, and all of the songs of the past sixty years — like Bing Crosby singing White Christmas, and that eternally played song Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Alongside all of that are the biblical tales of Christ’s birth, the Three Wise Men, and such. We don’t need creches in courthouse lawns; Quincy must have hundreds in residential front lawns!

I like to recall how our son Tyler just loved to string up Christmas lights. Not many people ever saw them, but there they were every year! Putting up lights had never entered my mind.

Betsy and I would bundle up Tyler and Adrian and drive the forty miles to Quincy, where four grandparents awaited our visits. There’s nothing like having young kids to cement family relations!

I’m tired of hearing Christmas music, to tell you the truth. Even NPR has been playing it relentlessly.

Here’s something a bit different, a production of some young folks with nifty software:

Modern psychedelia! Another tradition… here’s one more:

You might be wondering what kind of music is this, anyway? Wikipedia to the rescue:

English psychedelic downtempo/psybient

Okay, another musical genre to hear and learn about! I had to look up the word “psybient“, a new one to add to my hoard.

My oldest sister Linda complains that I haven’t been posting enough to please her. Hey, sis, you start a blog and start posting! (That is what is called, technically speaking, fishing for a comment. You break off a piece of worm, as my grandmother Lillian taught me, embed it on a hook, and cast it out into the water. If nothing else, a bluegill will bite! My sister is more like a Northern Pike…)



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