Internet Communities

Life was so parochial and insular back a couple of decades ago. You had your local friends and relatives and that was the extent of your social connections.

Times have changed. The internet has brought all sorts of like-minded folks together. We have FaceBook for friends and relatives, people that we know or have known in the past in Real Life. For me, Google Plus has been pretty cool. There are about eighty people spread throughout the world who know me, people that I would never have otherwise met. We talk and comment back and forth. We share photos. It’s fun and diverting.

Then there’s my connection with Bev Wigney. I never would have met the woman, an artist and writer, if it hadn’t been for the net. Way back in 2004 I had somehow heard about a blog carnival called International Rock-Flipping Day, a collaborative effort between Bev and the poet Dave Bonta. I hosted the carnival a couple of times and started visiting Bev’s blog. One thing led to another…




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4 responses to “Internet Communities

  1. The unexpected community of friends was one of the surprising things I discovered when I got into blogging.

  2. Hi, Pablo! Nice to hear from you. I’m afraid I haven’t been to your blog recently — been in an introspective mode, I guess. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  3. Leslie

    I’ve not tried Google Plus. It’s fascinating how the Internet community can impact our lives. Maybe I should make 2012 a year to expand my world into cyberspace in that way…. I tend to be a lurker, even on your eclectic and interesting blog, Larry.

  4. Oh, I’m eclectic, alright! Comment as much as you like, and encourage your reticent big sister to comment too! There is no harm in it.

    Try G+. You can meet many cool people there. It takes a while to get your bearings, but it is well worth the effort. Get into the photography groups — so many cool images there!

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