Musical Androgyny

Way back in the early 1970s I was living in a commune in Quincy, Illinois. The commune was about half gay. One day Kevin, who died several years ago, brought home a vinyl LP of David Bowie music. I was suspicious of a lot of the gay-favored music, which tended towards flamboyant show-tunes and such, but the album, Hunky Dory, just blew me away. I thought, “Man! What’s with those Brits and their interpretations of American pop? So the Beatles weren’t a one-off thing?”

This tune was and still is one of my favorites:

This one from a couple of years later recently resurfaced after being lost for decades:

Thanks go to Crystal Rehula for this link!




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2 responses to “Musical Androgyny

  1. bev

    Ha! Gosh, I’m remembering getting some of those early Bowie albums – The Man Who Sold the World, Space Oddity, Hunky Dory, and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. I used to play most of those on my guitar and sing. Just laughing as I think of how albums rarely came with the words enclosed, so you would scratch the hell out of your LPs by dropping the needle on them a gazillion times as you listened and wrote out the words line by line so that you could sing the tunes. So much easier now that you can go on the various lyric and guitar tab sites to learn tunes and lyrics.
    Loved the glam rock scene in its day. Back then, I weighed about 102 pounds and wore the wide lapel suits in crazy fabrics (I sewed my own) and a pretty boss looking pair of platform boots with 3 inch soles (easy enough to get in Montreal where I was living at the time). More practical than you might imagine as you never had to worry about your feet getting wet when walking through puddles! (-:

  2. One of the things I like about posting things on the blog is kind of literary-agricultural. Write something and who knows what seed will sprout a green comment! A merry xmas to you, Bev!

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