A Visit From God

I was ruminating this afternoon. I’m on the verge of a journey, and I have to decide what to take with me.

Thunder boomed. There was no storm happening — what was going on?!

A white-bearded elderly man appeared before me in my kitchen. He was dressed in faded robes and didn’t look too happy.

“Hi, Larry! I’m just kinda pissed off that you refuse to believe in me!”

“Just give me some real evidence, God! Those miracles and such back in the old days are’t enough. No really believable documentation. I need some photos.”

“Isn’t my presence here enough?”

“Naw, my imagination provides me with all sorts of encounters. You have to do better than that!”

More thunder.

I said, “Thunder isn’t evidence, even when it’s well-timed!”

God faded away, realizing that he had encountered a free-thinker!




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3 responses to “A Visit From God

  1. Jeff

    Maybe you remember reading what I said on the “Defending the Truth” forum: “The reason anything exists is that there is no such thing as nothing.” No “outside” creator is necessary, as the universe creates itself. However, this “characteristic” of the universe implies eternal existence, and a “unity” among all things in the fact that they share that “quality”. Many have tried to define that quality: “I AM THAT I AM” is one attempt, in the bible, which is otherwise mostly a crock of bronze-age legends and superstitions. Why don’t you try asking the universe to reveal its true nature to you, rather than creating imaginary conversations with an outside entity that does not exist? “Where is god? – you’re soaking in it.” The universe is trying to help all of us, constantly, when we allow it to.

  2. Hi, Jeff!

    Creating imaginary conversations helps me retain my sanity. I love to do that!

    Thanks for the input.

  3. Joan

    “If God did not exist, it would be necessary (for man) to invent Him.”
    Larry is busy inventing a whole bunch more of the unhelpful things.
    Jeff is rattling my lazy neurons, and causing me to think. I hate when that happens. I kind of thought the universe was neutral…both creating and destroying. I have people telling me that God wants to ‘help’ us and ‘loves’ us, even as they survey the wreckage of their tornado destroyed homes.
    I just blamed that on the universal throwing of the dice. I’m thinking this “Universe” Jeff is talking about is something else. Maybe a collective of what is good in all of us? I have to admit, though, at this point, Mr. Universe sounds a whole lot like the current definition of God.

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