Cowboy Music

A photo of Johnny Cash singing with a Navy lieutenant:

It’s interesting that the life of cowboys has become part of our national mythology. It’s partly due to novels from writers like Zane Grey, and also to the influence of all of the Western movies of the past decades.

Bev Wigney posted a link on Facebook (I reject pernicious double capitalization) to this wonderful rendition by Johnny Cash; as she commented, he was at the top of his game:

I wasn’t really a country music fan back when I first heard this (the genre boundaries hadn’t hardened back then, like tectonic plates drifting apart) but the song certainly created images in my mind!



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One response to “Cowboy Music

  1. bev

    Earlier tonight I was thinking of how this song reminds me a little of Chris de Burgh’s Spanish Train (1975), not at all in genre, but in atmosphere and implied danger. Then, oddly enough, your next two posts on God and Lucifer fall into the same league. Will they next meet up to play poker or chess for the souls of the dead? (-:

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