A Poker Game

This morning I heard a weird sound from up in the sky, rather like the whooshing sound a jet makes while coming in for a landing at an airport.

I just had to step outside to see what was going on.

Not a jet at all, it was God and Lucifer descending together.

They materialized on my porch, a chilly place these days, and Lucifer grinned at me.

“Hi, again, Larry! Do you mind if God and I hang out for a while and have a game of Soul Poker?”

“Well, I suppose. I really don’t have a kitchen table or anything. Why here?”

Lucifer said, “No worries there — we play standing up. Why you? You seem to be a non-judgmental host.”

I let them in.

I said, “So what is Soul Poker?”

God said, “It’s the best variant of the game, in my not-humble-at-all opinion. We have chips, each of which represents a recently deceased human’s soul. Like in any poker game, there is a lot of bluffing involved, but the end result is the eternal destination of the souls. It’s really quite fun and diverting!”

Rather strange to see God all amused at the prospect of a game!

I said, “Could I see one of those chips before you start?” I have a curious nature, which has gotten me in trouble now and then.

Lucifer pulled a chip from his pocket and handed it to me.

I examined it. It was made of crudely-formed bronze, about two inches in diameter, and had an embossed depiction of a person’s face on one side.

The other side had the Yin and Yang symbol engraved upon it. Gosh, these gods from various cultures really do intermingle!

I’m really not a game person, and it was unsettling to watch the two gods gamble with peoples’ fates. They are still at it, though! I went back to my computer. I suppose they will leave eventually.

Thanks go to Bev Wigney for the suggestion which inspired this story!




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