A Sadness Poem From Joan

Here is something, a rather nice poem that Joan sent me:

If Pigs Could Fly

If pigs could fly,
Then what would I
Desire for my serenity?
That wars would cease
And we’d have peace
Plus social equanimity.

And common ground
Could then be found
Tween factions of religions,
While now they pray
Unsure if they
Will not soon be clay pigeons.

If pigs could fly
The rich would buy
Less stuff for having fun,
And use, instead,
That cash for bread
For people who have none.

And companies
Would try to please
Their workers just as much
As stockholders
With prime folders; Standard and Poors and such.

If pigs could fly,
I’d cheer! No lie.
Cause that would indicate
Man’s inhumanity to man
Might cease, If not too late.

Though dream I might, Of pigs in flight, A sow is still a sow.
And man is man.
I doubt he can
Change what he is right now.

If pigs could fly,
Each man would try
To co-opt every pig,
And here we’d be
Again, you see,
Dancing the same old jig.

I liked the phrasing! Very eloquent, I thought.




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4 responses to “A Sadness Poem From Joan

  1. bev

    A good poem at this point in time, and to wrap up the end of another calendar year in which so many of these issues were highlighted during the occupy protests.

  2. Joan

    Thanks to you both. Sorry it’s so depressing.

  3. A Dutch woman named Silvana who lives on the island Malta with her husband left this comment on Google+:

    “What a lovely poem +Larry Ayers, in my language we have a proverb that means the same as pigs could fly, we say when the “flies turn white…..”

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