How many times have you seen an auroral display? I’ve seen just three good ones in my life.

The first one I saw was when I was a boy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I recall the whole family out in the yard gazing up at the night sky. The next one was on a drive back from St. Louis, after a rock concert my friend John H. and I attended. I think it was a Frank Zappa performance — we were quite lucky to see the man play with his band before he died.

The third was a display I saw during my years in Knox County, Missouri.

Here’s a time-lapse video from the latitude of seventy degrees north:

The Aurora from TSO Photography on Vimeo.




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2 responses to “Aurora

  1. Leslie

    What a beautiful way to start the new year, watching this. i’ve never seen one – it’s high on my bucket list. I didn’t know you could see them in Missouri.

  2. bev

    We used to see the aurora occasionally from our farm in eastern Ontario. The funniest “sky event” I can remember occurred one evening when we had a lot of goats due to kid. We were having to go out to the barn to check on our does at least 3 or 4 times a night. It was my turn to go out around midnight or so on a really freezing night. I walked to the barn, which was north from our house. There in the sky was a crescent moon, and not too far from it was a comet – I think it must have been Hale-Bopp, and above all of that, there was a shimmering curtain of northern lights dancing right across the sky. It was like, “Man, the elves are working overtime with the special effects tonight!” Of course, I had to go back in the house to wake Don up so that he could come out and take in the show.
    I’ve seen a few other good aurora displays — one night at our farm, the sky was filled with what looked like soft pink and green glowing rivers that undulated right across the sky, but that is a pretty rare event. More common were the shimmering silver white “curtain” displays over the northern horizon, often punctuated with the odd streak of green light that would grow and grow up toward the zenith, and then fade. Pretty darned cool. Haven’t seen one in awhile, but perhaps with a more active level of CMEs this year, I may see something while up north after I get back to Canada this spring.

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