Doesn’t this old song from the Electric Light Orchestra sound like a Beatles song?

Classic stuff!




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3 responses to “ELO

  1. bev

    Yes, you’re right. The intro sounds a bit like the middle of “A Day in the Life”. However, some parts of it also remind me of some old Bowie stuff too – “Oh You Pretty Things.”

  2. bev

    That too! But now I’m thinking of how many songs from around this period (release date of Mr. Blue Sky was in 1977) have a similar beat, R&B falsetto vocals, use of a vocoder, etc.. I came up with a few more by other artists like Andy Gibb and the Beegees, and Alan Parsons Project, ‘I Robot’ album and started looking up dates and most were in that 1977-8 couple of years. So funny how everyone jumped on the wagon at that moment in musical time and started working various styles together to get that upbeat “peppy” very danceable music that evolved into disco. Kind of interesting to look back on some of the pop music trends across the distance of a couple of decades or so.

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