Dave Barry’s Drainage Ditch

I flatter myself, thinking that I write fairly well and with some some wit. Then Dave Barry comes up with stuff like this!

The Drainage Ditch

I thought Barry wrote for the Miami Herald, probably still does, but he seems to have moved up in the ranks to the Post. Go Dave!




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5 responses to “Dave Barry’s Drainage Ditch

  1. Joan

    I found this link from the Miami Herald which, unlike the Post, did not require me to join up..after getting through only 2 pages.

  2. Thanks, Joan! I really don’t like to jump through hoops to “become a member”.

    Such vitriolic and amusing satire!

  3. bev

    All joking aside, reading through that Dave Barry piece has reminded me that 2011 was a year not to remember.

  4. I’m hoping that 2010 and 2011 were a valley from which I hope to ascend!

  5. bev

    On behalf of the whole world, I’m hoping 2011 was some kind of nadir and that we’ll see better in 2012! Seriously!

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