The Earth Mother Visits

I do need to get to bed and get some sleep! But a sound was keeping me awake, a sound like river water washing over stones. Then there was a haunting sound, and a female appearance formed before my startled eyes.

I said, “Who are you?!”

A woman appeared gradually before me. She was of medium height, had long dark hair, and was dressed in robes colored in mixed shades of green and brown. She said:

“I’m Mother Nature! I’m surprised that you don’t recognize me!”

“Well, we have never met directly. So why have you come for a visit, really not at a good time for me?”

“Oh, these time zone differences always get me confused! It’s a good time where I come from. I was just wanting to see what was up in the natural world in the Midwest. I thought you would be a good human to ask.”

“Oh, not good, MN! There ain’t much left of what was once here. A lot of intensive agriculture, though. Abundant production of edible animals for omnivores turned into carnivores!”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Perhaps I’ll have to cook up a virus to cause some mass illness! I can do that easily, as I really enjoy mutating viruses and bacteria.”

“Please, MN, keep whatever you concoct away from me!”

She smiled, and said, “Oh, I’ll protect you, Larry! Readers of Thoreau are given a special exemption, at least sometimes. He didn’t get one, I’m sorry to say.”

The goddess left from my kitchen door and ascended into the sky, her robes trailing behind her.


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