Copper Pit

After a harrowing bus ride from Quincy to Arizona I’m now in Bisbee, Arizona. I feel like I’m on another planet. I’ll be here for a while — should I change the name of the blog to Desert Rambles?

Bisbee is a decidedly odd little town. Lots to photograph here, but I’ll start with an impressive sight I saw yesterday. Bisbee is a mining town, and much of the surrounding landscape has been affected by more than a century of first shaft, then open-pit copper mining. The Lavender Pit was opened in 1950. This is an enormous pit; it covers three hundred acres and it’s about nine hundred feet deep. I liked the stepped texture of the walls:

The landscape surrounding the pit, which is on the edge of Bisbee, is surreal. White and orange rock slopes scarred by the mining operations are everywhere. It is a balm to the eyes to see the scrub-covered slopes just beyond.

Several mountain ranges are nearby and the desert between them has a certain compelling beauty.




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5 responses to “Copper Pit

  1. Leslie Fitzgerald

    Interesting, Larry! So let’s hear about your harrowing bus ride! Glad you got there safely (you *are* in one piece, right?)

  2. Joan

    He’s baaaack!!
    First thought is please tell us about the ‘harrowing bus ride’. Have been reading Greyhound bus horror story comments and dying to hear your take.
    My second thought on viewing the fab pictures is…Hey! This is not the pits. It’s Machu Picchu without the grass. Check out the (I think) 3rd picture down on this web site:
    Glad to hear from you, Larry. You escaped just in time. Tomorrow is to be our first true day of typical MO. winter weather.

  3. I’ll have several posts written before long about the “harrowing bus ride”, Leslie and Joan! I’m still trying to get acclimated to the altitude. I’ve found that it is very easy to get dehydrated without knowing it.

  4. Joan

    Technically you could leave it at “Riverside Rambles” ’cause canyons are formed by rivers. Also, that is the name the blog is known for.
    It could be “Rift Rambles” or “Ravine Rambles” or revert back to “Rural Rambles.” Somehow I think it’s going to end up Desert Rambles . One can just run out of alliteration opportunities as easily as water.

  5. This is a wonderful development! Yay!

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