A Lovecraft Pastiche

I realize that not everyone shares my liking for the florid and overwrought prose of the early-twentieth-century fabulist and writer of horror stories H.P. Lovecraft. Now you don’t even have to crack open one of his books — in this parody James Warner captures well the peculiar flavor of Lovecraft’s stories: the hinting at horrors that can’t be described, the fear and paranoia which infects the unhappy man’s ravings, and the suggestions, never fully adumbrated, of evil elder gods which nobody would like to encounter. This piece I found to be quite entertaining:

Lovecraft As Advice Columnist

Thanks go to science-writer Jennifer Ouellette for bringing this piece to my attention.




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2 responses to “A Lovecraft Pastiche

  1. Joan

    I liked the comments section. This one in particular.

    Wgg’lyeh-zk ogthrod,

    Ph’ngglui yarl’faql kggravh iathfash k wggah’nggol zkk glooth-gloth ylothropy fi ngraneh cthvhz m’raaow k l’fzgl glw’h zhro kamog rhlghx-phtagg’ngg?


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