Arches National Park

It’s a chilly morning here in Socorro,New Mexico. I am taking my ease in a tent pitched in an RV campground on the edge of town, swaddled in a sleeping bag and taking advantage of the wi-fi access this place provides. I’m waiting for a new head gasket to be installed in my truck,and as I wait I’ve been looking through the photos I’ve shot during the past couple of weeks.

On our meandering journey to the East Bev and I spent several days in Utah, visiting choice localities which she wanted to share with me. I was eagerly anticipating a visit to Arches National Park, just north of Moab. The park was disagreeably crowded, but the splendor of the sandstone formations more than made up for the crowded conditions. I envy Edward Abbey, who served as a ranger in the park back when it was a National Monument and could only be accessed via a gravel road.

As I processed some of my photos I realized that I hadn’t included a single arch! There is so much to see in that park, and for me, the arches, while beautiful and photogenic, paled before some of the other formations.

Have a look at the park through my eyes:

Most of these formations have been given colloquial names, an effort by human observers to make sense of such mind-boggling sights. I shun these names. These formations don’t need names; they are eons-old structures which will be continuing to slowly weather away when the human race is but a distant memory.

We were fortunate–the skies were blue with photogenic clouds during our visit.

A stone lion?

I do enjoy vast landscapes,but my personal bent leans towards more intimate scenes. Here is a miniature canyon among the fossilized sand dunes:

King of the hoodoo tribe:

Okay,I just have to include one arch!




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4 responses to “Arches National Park

  1. Adrian

    Great photos Dad! I’ve always wanted to go there. Give me a call when you are back in AZ, I’d love to hear more about your travels!

  2. Joan

    I am amazed both by the beauty of these photos and the fact that you could do all of this uploading and text by teensy phone keyboard. You must have overcome and surpassed your aversion to miniature keyboards during your sojourn or else had some already typed.. How actually do you do these? Do you have to search for WiFi Hot spots? I have a friend with an R.V. who skulked around until she and her husband found someone in a trailer with access and kinda ‘borrowed’ theirs. (grin)
    As for the photos, whatever your personal preference, you seem to have mastered both the long shot and the up close and personal. Just achingly beautiful. That HAS to be a lion! Obviously done by aliens from another galaxy who dropped down and carved it on one of their R.&R’s. 🙂

  3. Yeah,Joan,those mischievous aliens were quite active in the Southwest once upon a time, it seems!

    I’m using an old Lenovo Thinkpad laptop on this trip; it finds me wi-fi access points without fail.

    I’ll use the phone’s tiny retractable keyboard if I have to, but it doesn’t come naturally to me.

  4. Joan

    Cool! The Lenovo has a standard keyboard and seems to have its own gps system for power sources. Had never heard of that brand before and here I am now staring a kind of new Lenovo monitor. Small world.

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