Two Interludes

Right now I’m stranded in an RV park on the edge of Socorro, New Mexico, at an altitude of 8000 feet in the dry and high desert. My truck is enduring a head transplant, and I’m hoping that the mechanics have mercy upon me and don’t take undue advantage of a lone traveler.

My partner Bev recently posted a nice photo-essay about our last day together, just before we parted ways: she is now back in Canada, and I’m trying to make my way to Bisbee, Arizona, for the summer. We hope to be reunited soon.

Forest Interlude

I’m feeling rather vulnerable here, with no truck for shelter in inclement weather. My musical instruments are out in the open, and the tent I’m staying in wouldn’t withstand rainy weather for long. The truck should be ready tomorrow and I’ll gladly be on my way. Luckily the skies are clear and it probably won’t rain here for weeks or months.

During our meandering journey to the east Bev and I visited some remarkable sites, great examples of American geological splendor.

Here are a couple of shots from that day. I felt a bit oppressed by the crowd of tourists from all around the world. Too many people! The second photo is from a time when I decided to seek out a path less traveled; stay tuned — perhaps tomorrow I’ll post photos of a cool slot canyon, the path to which was blocked off by warning signs:

Such surreal hoodoos!

The crowds descending the switch-backed pack into the depths of the canyon — this circumstance induced me to find another way:

The wi-fi server here is unreliable; it took three tries to get these images uploaded to Also, I’m typing in the dark, so perhaps tomorrow morning I’ll get some more images uploaded!




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2 responses to “Two Interludes

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  2. Joan

    Left a comment for you on Bev’s Forest Interlude.

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