Socorro Sights

No, I won’t be showing any travelog-style photos of this mid-size town in central New Mexico. I really haven’t seen any of the historical and/or scenic parts of town, and thus I can’t do it justice. I’m on foot, way out on the edge of town while my truck is being fixed, and the sun and low humidity have been relentless.

You don’t want, I am sure, to see shots of the long commercial strip along California Street. It’s all too easy to see such scenes of fast-food, gas station, and motel commercialism wherever you might live.

I was walking down the strip early this afternoon, cap-brim held low against the glare, as I needed some groceries.

I happened to walk by a clump of cacti which has been gradually coming into full bloom, with showy scarlet blossoms, during the past few days. Today I had remembered to bring my camera. The clump, most likely the species Echinocereus fasciculatus, was growing next to the sidewalk in front of an unmarked stucco or adobe building, evidently a business not doing much or any of that these days.

My attention was attracted by a card pierced by a slotted hole which was hanging from the doorknob of the main entrance. I moved closer:

Hmm… it looked like a business of some sort failed and left behind an outstanding power bill. The business also left behind a nice clump of Echinocereus, which is carrying on regardless of the fate of the human planters!

A view of the clump:

Notice the sharply-cut shadows on the sidewalk cast by the merciless sun typical at this eight-thousand-foot altitude.

A shot taken from up-under:

A single flawless blossom:

After this mild exertion, squatting there on the sidewalk and regarding the clump, I straightened up, took a drink from my water bottle, and proceeded on down the sidewalk.




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2 responses to “Socorro Sights

  1. bev

    The cactus flower pics are beautiful. I especially like the third and fourth photos – -that shot from beneath is unusual and really neat! I hope you’ll be waving goodbye to Socorro for good in the next day or two!

  2. Gorgeous cactus flower pics Larry – I liked your conversational essay too. So just how did you get the shot from underneath? did you lie down or just put the camera underneath and hope for the best? I’d sure like some of that low humidity… so what is the temp down there?

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