Back In Bisbee, Arizona

Finally, after troubles and delays which would try a saint, I rolled into Bisbee this afternoon.  After my truck problems had been resolved, I spent two days at City of Rocks State Park in SW New Mexico.  What a surreal and image-rich experience!

That was followed by a night and a day at a deprecated National Forest Service camp-site in the Chiricuhua Mountains.  Deprecated?  That just means they would rather you just hike there; such a better class of visitors!

Right now I’m parked up on Juniper Flats outside Bisbee, way up on a ridgetop with strong winds buffeting the truck.The setting sun warms the cab of the truck, and I have food to eat tonight.  I’m content.

“What, no photos?”, a hard-to-please reader exclaims grumpily.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!




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3 responses to “Back In Bisbee, Arizona

  1. bev

    Having been there so many times, I don’t need photos to imagine Juniper Flats, so words are enough. I also know that contented feeling of settling down in my truck with a bowl of soup or vegetable chili. When you are on the road, there is no nicer feeling.
    Glad to know that you made it back to Bisbee in spite of the truck ordeal. You’ve been to some terrific places over the past few weeks, but the adventure has just begun. (-:

  2. You paint a picture absolutely sufficient to cover the lack of photos.

  3. rainnnn

    I like bisbee and hope to make it there again during this time in Arizona. Fascinating area although I don’t know if I’d like to live there as places that have ripped the earth apart have a different feel to them. Maybe though it needs right energy moving in to heal it

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