A Rescue Cactus

Well, it’s been a while since I have posted, it seems! I’ve been camping out since Bev and I left Bisbee on March 27th, and the daily efforts to keep myself alive and well have occupied much of my attention and energies.

I spent about ten days living up on Juniper Flats just north of town. A beautiful place for a recluse like myself, but as usual serendipity throws me a curve-ball. I met an eccentric and nomadic viola-player up there one evening. Ed is a fine player; I got out my fiddle and we exchanged a few tunes while a manzanita and yucca-trunk fire provided flickering illumination.

It turned out that he had a couple of carpentry jobs to do for a friend down in Bisbee. Well, I was needing work, so we exchanged contact info and I ended up helping to reinforce rafters and build a cedar arbor at a house only accessible by climbing two steep flights of stairs. There are quite a few houses like that in Bisbee!

Once I started working in town it became apparent that I needed a closer place to park my truck. The road up to Juniper Flats is only a couple of miles, but it is steep, rocky, and winding and can only be negotiated in first gear.

I sleep in the back of my truck sheltered by a shell-like enclosure made of white fiber-glass. I drew on the social capital provided by my distant partner way up in Nova Scotia; Bev introduced me to her friends Kelly and Slim last winter, and the couple very kindly offered me the use of a parking spot under a spreading elm tree in their side-yard.

It’s an ideal spot, and I have access to that holy triumvirate: water, electricity, and wi-fi ‘net access.

I was talking to Kelly the other day, and she told me about finding an Arizona Rainbow Cactus which had been uprooted,probably by javelinas. She took the withering cactus home and planted it in a pot out on a wall in front of the house. The cactus evidently appreciated the attention and perked right up, and even formed flower buds in a ring around the top. Two of the buds opened today and I shot a couple of photos:

The flower buds formed on small spherical offshoots, as you can see, and I suspect that these baby cacti will fall off, roll away from the parent, and hope for rain.




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3 responses to “A Rescue Cactus

  1. bev

    Oh, that little cactus is just so cute! Yes, serendipty does seem to play a large role in how things happen in Bisbee. It’s that old vortex effect! (-:

  2. Joan

    That cactus picture at the top, looks like a cheerleader cactus. (grin)
    Great pics, Larry. And we might even be able to purchase a rainbow cactus here in the Midwest.

  3. Leslie

    Cute. I like Joans cheerleader cactus description. yes! They are like pon poms. The cheerleader herself looks a bit prickly. Wouldn’t want to cross her!

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