A Brindled English Mastiff

It’s been a drizzly and cloudy evening, now that Southeast Arizona is in the midst of the only wet time of year, the brief Monsoon Season. It’s such a nice change from the relentlessly sunny and dry days of early June.

I was out walking, just before dusk, when I happened across a couple of men walking a massive dog which outweighed either of them.

I was amazed; I exclaimed, “What kind of dog is that?!”

“He’s a brindled English Mastiff.”

The other man said, “I’m not sure who is walking whom!”

The dog was the size of a small pony. I peered at its wrinkled self-satisfied face. What would it be like to have a pet which out-weighed you?




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3 responses to “A Brindled English Mastiff

  1. bev

    Coincidentally, I just noticed a similar dog near the spring where
    i fill water jugs each week. He is huge. I imagine it takes a lot of food to maintain such dogs!

  2. Laura Layton

    We knew a family that had two Great White Pyrenees- another horselike breed , when they left for the day they gated them in the small kitchen !!

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