Barn Dance In The Valley

Bisbee, Arizona, is located improbably in a narrow canyon just a few miles north of the Mexican border. The town wouldn’t be here if there weren’t substantial deposits of copper ore, but the mines closed down thirty years ago. The town remains as a tourist destination, many people coming for the ideal climate and the picturesque buildings.

I was invited to play the fiddle for a barn dance down in the Sulphur Springs Valley, a vast expanse of flat land between the Chiricuahua Mountains and the Huachuca Mountains. The area encompassing the valley and the mountains was the homeland of Cochise’s band of Apaches, and the county was named for that famed chief.

Before the music started I had an interesting conversation with Dennis, the co-proprietor of the ranch. He and his wife run 400 head of cattle on 30,000 acres of dry mesquite valley land. Naturally Dennis was concerned about the drought conditions which have prevailed in the valley for the past twenty years. I learned much from our discourse.

It’s been a while since I played fiddle for a dance. This dance was a good one, and luckily somebody shot video and edited this one:

I was invited to play by Mark, a skilled mandolin and guitar player.




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5 responses to “Barn Dance In The Valley

  1. bev

    So neat to see Mark, you, and the rest of the musicians playing for the dancers! Everyone was burning up the old dance floor during the St. Anne’s Reel! (-:

  2. That is so cool. I have a friend up here in Oregon (well blog friend) and he plays like that too. Too cool and definitely an uplifter to see all those happy people and the good music.

  3. Leslie

    Perfect Friday night entertainment after a long week! I wanted to get up and dance. You all sound great, Larry!

  4. Joan

    What a delightful video, Larry. Your music is still reverberating in my head. The lighting was not as good as the ol’ church gym in Hannibal, but it sure made up for it in atmosphere didn’t it? These people didn’t seem to need a caller at all. They just did their thing. That looked like a Virginia Reel, but since I’m not from Virginia, I’m just guessing. I captured practically the only frame where you were facing the camera, plus a couple of side views. Will e-mail them.

  5. Laura Layton

    Loved this video, miss you Larry,I think we all need a good Barn dance

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