Mountain Sky Feathers

Here in the Mule Mountains of Southeast Arizona I’ve noticed that cloud formations seem to be affected by the mountains. Often the clouds seem to hover right above the mountain ridges. Last winter I would see lenticular clouds hovering for hours above ridges, compact lens-shaped formations appearing late in the afternoon.

Now that the monsoon season is a fading memory cirrus clouds have been appearing daily above the mountains. The delicate feathery strands of vapor often are oriented at right angles to the trend of the ridge, sometimes seeming to radiate in spoke-like arrangements.

Yesterday I was sitting out on the back porch reading a book. I looked up and saw this:

This scene reminded me of enormous ethereal jellyfish trolling the sky’s depths for stray birds:

This morning there was a continuation of yesterday’s display. In this shot an agave is busily ripening its seeds in the foreground:

The air is so dry these days! It’s as if there just isn’t enough moisture to generate cumulus clouds. The water vapor in one of these fringes of cirrus, if condensed into liquid, probably wouldn’t fill a teacup:



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  1. bev

    Neat cloud formations, Larry. And I will see them for myself very soon! (-:

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