The past few days Bev, Sage, and I have been wandering around northwestern New Mexico and northeastern Arizona. We’ve been surrounded by sandstone, mostly sofy Zuni sandstone which erodes easily and lends itself to human incisions, petroglyphs and such. Ancient Anasazi ruins can be encountered in the most unlikely spots, such as this one atop a massive two-hundred-foot tall mesa at El Morro National Monument:

Some of the formations resemble fortifications or castles due to their vertical sides; I enjoyed seeing this one in New Mexico:

La Ventana, a sandstone arch near extensive black lava fields, is quite beautiful. I had to hop a fence and climb a steep and rocky slope to get a half-way decent photo:

Perhaps due to my nearsightedness, in general I tend to favor closer macro views and the sandstone in this part of the world offers as many weird and wonderful sights as I have the time to regard. This eroded boulder is about six feet long and offered me scenes of fever-dream architecture millions of years in the making:

We camped near Petrified Wood National Park last night, and this morning we’re off to photograph ancient mineralized conifers, odd objects to encounter in such a drab, dry, and treeless landscape. Then on to the red sandstone formations of SE Utah!



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  1. Joan

    Breathtakingly beautiful photos, Larry. This is so exciting to be able follow your latest journey in real time.

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