Ancient Bridges, Little Traffic

A bit of a hurried post, but that can’t be helped. Bev is off filling the van’s gas tank and buying some food, while I’m using the Page, Arizona McDonalds wi-fi for a few minutes.

These photos are from two walks at Natural Bridges National Monument in southern Utah. The weather turned on our way to the remote park and the temperature dropped until finally there was spitting pelleted snow. This made the mornings rather frigid and encouraged speedy cooking.

There was one advantage of the inclement weather, though. Rain filled the numerous dish-shaped cavities in the sandstone which led to many splendid views. Unfortunately the best photos showing this ephemeral phenomenon are in limbo until Bev and I resolve a few issues. I really don’t think the NPS will seek me out and fine me if I post certain photos on the blog, but who knows…

The natural bridges in the park are among the finest examples of erosional architecture I’ve ever seen. I could easily spend a week there taking photographs.

Here are a few that I shot during the past two days:

The shrieking of Navajo children is beginning to get on my nerves, especially after a few days in quiet and remote places! We’re headed back into the canyons!



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