The Chiloc: A New Cure For Snoring!

Lately Bev has brought to my attention my inadvertent night-time snoring. According to her it sometimes becomes explosively loud. Of course I must take her word for it, as I have no way of knowing the extent and volume of my snores.

Last night she awakened me with an exclamation:

“Jesus Christ, Larry!”

Evidently I had just brought to fruition an enormous snore which woke her up. She drifted back into sleep (snoring a bit herself, I must add!) and I lightly dozed.

I was in a half-awake dream-state, lying on my back, when a computer screen appeared before my eyes, evidently hovering in the air above my face.

With the usual dreamer’s calm acceptance of the most unlikely scenes and circumstances I watched a stream of Facebook posts slowly scroll by on the screen. This one caught my attention:


Or perhaps the photo accompanying the post was more like this:


In my dream-state I realized how unlikely the scenario was, and this sort of realization always wakes me up. Bev was still awake and I told her about my dream vision. We had a good laugh, and both of us resorted to Google to see if there really is such a thing as a chiloc!




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8 responses to “The Chiloc: A New Cure For Snoring!

  1. I have a partner who also snores and sometimes it totally amazes me the level of noise. There is one kind of snore though that is unhealthy and that kind of snore should be addressed by a professional– sleep apnea, Otherwise, it can sure disrupt the partner’s sleep. Sometimes you don’t even know why you woke up until you hear the next blast…

  2. Ha! Maybe I should look into getting one of these chilocs!

  3. Joan

    Bev’s Poem

    Twas the night before Christmas
    And all was serene
    But it did not last long.
    I awoke with a scream.

    I’d been dreaming of ballgames,
    Crowd’s cheering the batter
    But this sound was real
    And it made my teeth chatter.

    The roar just continued.
    Could it be a car?
    Well, of course not. Nobody
    Would drive up this far.

    I had picked this locale
    For location and view
    Far away from the traffic noise
    That would ensue.

    Could a bear make this noise
    Even in hibernation?
    I tried out a pillow
    And prayed for cessation.

    I ventured a peek.
    I was really quite wary
    Was this loud cacophony
    Coming from Larry?

    Well there could be a perk
    From his snoring, I see.
    If a burglar appeared he would
    Hear it and flee.

    Thinking nothing quite human
    Could make this loud sound.
    So we live in the safest place
    That can be found.

  4. Ha. Excellent poem, Joan! I must tell you that the other night, I had a dream that the house was hit by a massive bolt of lightning and huge clap of thunder. I was awakened instantly. Larry woke up almost at the same time and said he had a dream about thunder. I think the thunder must have been one of his tumultuous snores as it was a cold, clear night.

  5. Joan

    Ha ha! Funny story, Bev. I have snorted myself awake once or twice.myself.

    I speak from sad experience with snorers. Brian first had some ENT man convince him a throat operation would solve the problem. He subsequently had something done to the roof of his mouth which did absolutely no good. Then after suffering several years more (both of us) he got a CPAP machine which we call his “Spaceman Spiff” outfit. (We were way fond of Calvin comics back in the day. ) These machines work well but are not pretty. They now have some nose thingies called ‘breathrite’ strips that are a lot less cumbersome if they work.

    Well, we made it through Xmas. The turkey came with a good deal of skin missing (perhaps it’s not a good idea for the left to piss off our immigrant population around Xmas). I had to transpose skin from one part of the bird to another and use metal pics to secure it. This will hereinafter be known as the Christmas of the Frankenturkey. (grin) .

  6. I’m enjoying this snoring post and comments. Once again, a great poem, Joan! Katie and I both have been known to wake up the house, and more than once I’ve woken myself up (I inherited Mom’s sinus stuff – or else it’s all part of lovely St. Louis allergens).. At least Katie’s sounds are funny – sometimes it takes us awhile to figure out what that strange noise is. She probably has sleep apnea, but would never wear the contraption, so there’s no point in having her checked – we just prop her up on two pillows – it helps. She’s a back sleeper… not much more we can do.

  7. Virginia

    Explosive snoring is an indication of possible sleep apnea. It can be life threatening if severe (and not just from partner’s lack of sleep). C-paps are much smaller than they were just a few years ago and sound a little like ocean waves. Very peaceful. Check the web for information. That other tool dream -Bev found looks painful.

  8. I have also explosive snoring and my wife doesn’t sleep all the night. So I take a spoon full of honey before going to my bed and it helps me in reducing my snores. It’s actually better remedy.

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