Teff Pancakes

Last night I was pondering in a culinary mode. What to cook? Something new would be nice, I thought. Prospecting in the kitchen cupboards I came across a sack of teff flour, something I’ve never tasted. I knew that teff originated in the highlands of Ethiopia, but there were no Ethiopians handy to answer that crucial question: what do you do with this obscure grain?

Whenever Ethiopians are thin on the ground I gravitate towards Google, that fount of information which increasingly is replacing my memory. There I found a recipe from the New York Times which looked interesting:

Teff And Oatmeal Pancakes

We had no blueberries, but I figured frozen cranberries would be a good substitute. Twenty minutes later I had two meals’ worth of nice-looking pancakes cooked up, and another twenty minutes saw half of them consumed. I’m not sure that I could detect whatever difference using teff flour might have made in the taste of the pancakes, but I do believe it’s generally worthwhile to vary ingredients. We might as well make good use of the global food distribution network before it crumbles and we are reduced to winnowing bluegrass seeds in the toxic breeze!

Here’s a shot of a plate of leftover pancakes. I thought that they were quite photogenic!





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6 responses to “Teff Pancakes

  1. Darrell

    Larry, were you ever able to follow through on Indian cuisine? Will be going out to a local Indian eatery in a bit, as I’ve become quite taken with south Asian cooking. Beats Mexican any day.

  2. It’s been years since I’ve been to an Indian restaurant, but Bev cooks Indian-style food frequently. A batch of garam masala seasoning is easily prepared (or bought at a specialty store), and the various Indian flatbreads aren’t difficult to make.

  3. John

    Well done! I have been wanting to get my hands of some teff flour so I can make injera bread.

  4. Looks like a creative use of Teff, a grain I learned about from you today. The cranberries in them sound good too.

  5. Darrell

    Has anyone done anything using amaranth flour? I’ve read happy things about it.

  6. I’ve never tried it, but I’d like to!

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